What comes to mind when you hear Tara rafting? To us who have a thirst for adventure, the mentioned phrase is a direct synonym for adrenalin, positive energy, and nature. 

Everything mentioned here you can find on Tara river, in our Rajska Rijeka (Heavenly River) camp, and much more!

rafting centar tara


Our Tara rafting center is located near the river, fully designed to give you an unforgettable experience and a kind of hospitality which, to be honest, is rare to find. Rajska Rijeka camp is located near the Drina river, surrounded by nature and priceless, fresh air. Far away from the city crowd and noise, stress-free, you will find your piece of heaven.

We have always tried to provide our guests with a homely atmosphere, quality service, and a completely natural ambiance. That is why we made our camp from wood from Vučevo, and we provide all the groceries from the surrounding organic production so that your experience is complete with what surrounds you. Experience the morning by the emerald Drina, spend the day on Tara, and the night by the fire.

sta je to rafting


In search of new thrills, we have found a way to awaken the adrenaline in you by experiencing the exciting rafting of Tara in our camp. What is rafting, and why is it so thrilling?

The adventure that rafting will offer you is an opportunity to connect with nature in a unique way, experience all the beauties of the river, every bay and rapids, and the crystal clear water of the river Tara will leave a special impression.

Rafting means an exciting descent down a river. The definition implies a certain group of people (usually from 4 to 10 people) who enjoy going down the river and its bays. It is divided into six groups according to difficulty and is classified from a calm river to a river that is of exceptional speed.

The speed of the river depends on the period of the year you choose for rafting. If you have the opportunity to try the magic of rafting for the first time, then we recommend the summer period until September. If you have experience in this more extreme sport, spring is the ideal time for the exciting adventure that rafting offers, then the river is the fastest.

rafting tarom je bezbedan


One of the most common questions when it comes to this type of adventure activity, recreational or not, is Tara rafting safe, and is it an activity that the whole family can enjoy?

Our answer to that is that you are safest during rafting when you are accompanied by experienced skippers who grew up in this territory and know every part you will go through well.

Also, you will need special equipment, which implies a neoprene suit, special boots, a helmet, and a life vest. We provide all the equipment you need here in our camp Rajska Rijeka. Rafting boats are made of very resistant multi-layer rubber and have several separate air chambers. The length of the raft is between 3 and 6 meters. 

 Water temperature varies from 7 to 15 degrees Celsius in the summer months, but the neoprene suits protect from water and cold so we can guarantee absolute satisfaction during the descent. 

reka tara kao najpogodnija za rafting

Based on old research, the Tara River has been singled out as the most suitable for rafting. In addition to being on the list of protected areas, the Tara River is also called the “tear of Europe”. Thanks to the creation of a canyon almost a hundred kilometers long and 1.3 km deep, the canyon of the Tara River is the second deepest in the world after the Colorado River.

 With a rating of 3-5 on the rafting scale, the Tara River is one of the most attractive rivers in the world, which can guarantee you a truly exciting and unique adventure. You can feel the greatest adrenaline in April and May. From July to September, the water level drops, after which some new challenges and attractive rapids arise, which is why we can say that rafting is different and more exciting at all times.

rafting tarom za idealan odmor

 If you want adrenaline and peace, then rafting on Tara river and our camp is an ideal combination. In addition to experiencing this exciting adventure, you will breathe freshness, freedom, and get the opportunity to feel all the senses that nature awakens. Our camp Rajska Rijeka will do its best to help you experience all the charms of beautiful Tara in the right way so that you can feel the need to come back to us again and have a new experience.

rafting tarom paketi

To make your vacation planning easier, we have prepared special packages that include rafting on the Tara river, in combination with a Jeep safari, hiking, or zip line. Depending on the length of your vacation, ie free days, we have prepared packages from one to five nights, ie from two to six days.

rafting tarom ponuda


 This offer includes 2 nights in our camp Rajska Rijeka, breakfast, lunch, and complete accompanying equipment. Unforgettable socializing and a great opportunity to get to know nature awaits you. You will enjoy great food, socializing and fun. Don’t miss this special offer that will give you indelible memories.

rafting tarom jeep safari


This package consists of rafting, Jeep safari, and a 5-night visit to Sarajevo. The package includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as complete equipment for these adventures. The real enjoyment of nature and landscapes that will remain deeply etched in your memory awaits you.

rafting tarom i hiking ponuda


Rafting on the Tara river and hiking in combination seems to be an ideal opportunity for those who want to get to know nature uniquely. The perfect landscapes you will pass through will take your breath away and allow you to create the most beautiful photos.

The package includes two nights, breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as complete equipment. During the evening you will enjoy hanging out around the fire with all the visitors of our camp where you will make new friends and enjoy every moment.

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