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Fly over the Piva Lake

If you ever wished you could fly, see the world from a completely different perspective and unite with nature in  a totaly atypical way, then there is no dilemma – zip line adventure is  perfect for you! Zip line is a unique adrenaline experience and despite the excitement it provides, this adventure is a completely one-of-a-kind because of the location where it is performed. Even if you have never visited the Piva Lake before, you probably heard what is famous for or you have seen the photos of emerald-green water that surely remained in your memory. The Piva Lake is located in Plužine, a small place on the territory of Montenegro, which is only a few kilometers away from our camp, so it is accessible to all our visitors who want to have this unforgettable experience.

Montenegrian Emerald

Largest Drinking Water Reservoir in the Balkans

The Piva Lake is the largest drinking water reservoir in the Balkans. It is recognizable for its turquoise water color and for its magnificent combination of human and natural creation. Namely, the lake itself is artificial, obtained by the construction of a dam on the Piva River whose canyon also represents one of the magnificent scenes of the whole region. The water is crystally clear and fresh in all parts of the lake, covering an area of ​​12.5 square kilometers, over a length of 45 km! The opportunity to enjoy this unique natural phenomenon from a flight perspective is provided exclusively with the zip line!

Zip Line Length

The total length of the zip line above the Piva Lake is 1400 meters, making it the longest zip line in the entire Balkan region.

Zip Line Safety

The security of the whole system is achieved by a quality certified mechanism, good instructors, as well as very accurate calculations.

Zip Line Duration

The flight takes about 2 minutes, with a maximum speed of 65 km / h and has one short stop on the platform on the opposite shore.

Zip Line Scenery

The Piva Dam is one of the largest in Europe – at an impressive 22 meters in height and with the Mratinje hydroelectric power plant, which is an attraction in itself.

Zip Line Altitude

The starting position is at elevation of 750m, while the end point is at 688m, which is right in front of the Tito Bridge on the lake itself.

Zip Line International

Nearby our camp and the Lake Piva is Šćepan Polje, a border crossing with Montenegro, which makes this adventure international.

Only for the Brave

What is a Zip Line?

The Zip Line is both recreational adventure and extreme sport activity that attracts adrenaline lovers. Firstly it was designed as a functional means of transportation to places that have between large areas of water, canyons or inaccessible parts for regular traffic. It requires great courage and daring, like any activity that involves high altitude above water. The flight above the lake, which in some places has a depth of up to 188 meters, takes about 2 minutes. The starting point is at 750 m elevate and at the end point is slightly lower (688 m). The scenes you will face during the flight can easily persuade you to try again and again!

1400 meters of adrenaline

How does the Zip Line work?

The Zip Line is a cable spread between abysses, canyons or large water surfaces. The adventurer is fastened to the cable by the buckle and belts and can accelerate up to 65 km/h when lowering. Before descending, there is a mini-safety training with detailed instructions for positioning the body during the flight and when descending on the platform. A helmet is a must have piece of equipment and every zip line instructor will confirm it. The Zip Line at the Piva Lake is 1400m long and has one stop on the opposite shore for photography and a mini break from the excitement.

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Professional Assistance

Is the Zip Line safe?

The safety of the zip line is firstly guaranteed by the professional equipment which consists of handles, ropes and safety belts that make the flight comfortable and then the professional guidance of the instructors. Before you start the flight, the instructor who drops you off at the platform on the opposite shore descends before you. In the second part of the flight, he goes down behind you in case he needs to intervene in any way. Before taking off, you are given very precise instructions and details on how to behave during the flight, which body position is the best, where to hold your hands and how to land safely on the platform. A helmet and gloves are a must, and you just need to provide enough enthusiasm and courage!

Lifetime Moments

A Bucket list Adventure

Nature has given us a lot and we want to share it with you. We want to give you the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments in beautiful natural surroundings. We offer you Tara rafting experience, Zip Line or Jeep Safari so that you can truly get in touch with nature. Every area is breathtaking and we’re sure you’ve never seen so wild and relentless, yet so warm and close surrounding. Rajska Rijeka is surrounded by incredible natural beauty, far from civilization and urban bustle, yet modern enough and suited for everyone to enjoy. You are invited to visit us and enjoy our paradise!

Rafting Camp Rajska Rijeka

Rajska Rijeka is suitable for everyone for a pleasant stay. The camp has sufficient capacity to accommodate group visits. It is equipped with the latest standards for this type of accommodation. Various activities and facilities gives you the opportunity to spend a truly unforgettable vacation.

  • Natural oasis with modern accommodation
  • Unique and affordable arrangements
  • Certified and experienced team of skippers and instructors
  • Warm and friendly atmosphere at the camp

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