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A camp is not just a place to spend the night. Camp should be extended version of natural ambience you were enjoying previosly. When you come back tired after hours of rafting full of impressions and excitement, you need to have a quiet, natural environment that will fully disarm you with its warmth and tranquility. Our camp is such a place! Our guests always stay longer than they planned. Of course, you choose where you are going to spend your holiday but we just want to highlight a few facts about our camp that you should at least consider when deciding, especially for all of you who have not visited us yet.

Top professionals

Our skipper crew

The skippers at our camp are top professionals who have received all the necessary training and are certified by the International Rafting Federation – IRF. They are the real river connoisseurs and they will make your rafting as safe and fun as possible. Most of them are locals who grew up in this natural paradise and they are so familiar with the Tara and the Drina that they are in the know of every bay, rapid or waterfall. They are your unique guides through the adventure and thanks to them nothing will be missed that is worth seeing or taking photos of. With their help and assistance, you will experience unforgettable moments during rafting and completely unexplained feelings that range from adrenaline euphoria to absolute tranquility.

Where the Drina originates

The camp is located on the shore of the Drina, not far from its origin. A few meters above the camp, the Tara and the Piva merge, making the Drina.

Close Enough to Civilization

The closest airports are in Sarajevo, Mostar (Bosnia) and Podgorica (Montenegro). The camp is 2 km from Šćepan Polje, the border crossing with Montenegro.

Ideal rafting location

Our camp Rajska Rijeka is situated at an ideal location for rafting – the last 15 km of the Tara river, which is also its most attractive part.

Authentically Rustic Resort

The camp complex is made by hand of wood from Vučevo Mountain that towers above the camp, on the basis of the old Austro-Hungarian barracks.

Rafting Professionals

Our skippers are top professionals who have received all the necessary training and are certified by the International Rafting Federation.

Truly Unique Location

Rajska Rijeka Camp is surrounded by mountains: Vučevo, Vukuša, Zlatni Bor, Maglić, Volujak, Zelengora, Durmitor, Ljubišnja, and three river canyons: Tara, Piva and Drina.

Pleasure for all your Senses

Truly Unique Campsite

We have fully customized the camp to the needs of our guests. Practicaly, we have built it for you. Within the complex the main part is accommodation with fully eqipped rooms. The food at the restaurant is great, with menus that cater to all types of diet. The restaurant also has a bar that turns into a club in the evening, which is a fantastic opportunity to socialize, get to know each other and relax along with enjoying the local delicacies. Our guests prefer to spend time by the hearth in the central part of the restaurant, so very often in the evening it is necessary to arrive a little earlier to take the place, because the atmosphere is phenomenal – the fire is crackling, the flames are dancing, and the warmth feels so nice, because the nights here are always fresh and chilly.

Very Popular Location

Our River Jewels

Our campsite is located on the river Drina. The Drina is our river, because the very place where the Drina originates (the Tara and the Piva confluence) is only a few kilometers from us. Our location is specific in that we have three beautiful rivers nearby. Indeed, no one can decide which one is more beautiful. Maybe you can tell us your impression. By the way, Rajska Rijeka Camp is at an ideal location for rafting – the last 15 km of the Tara, which is also the most attractive part. Our camp has its own beach, which is perfect for sunbathing and you can only imagine how refreshing the Drina is when the air temperatures exceed 30 degrees or more.

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World-Famous Spots

Our Immediate Neighbourhood

Jahorina Mountain is 84 km away, and Žabljak Mount is 76 km away from the campsite. Numerous tourist attractions are located in the immediate vicinity of the camp, such as the sand pyramids in Foča, which is a totaly unique phenomenon in the world; the old town of Višegrad with its grand and famous bridge (the main site from the novel „The Bridge on the Drina“ by Nobel prize winner Ivo Andrić); the beautiful Adriatic Sea and its coast. The magnificent Piva Lake, Sutjeska National Park, numerous localities are nearby, and of course, the unsurpassed Durmitor Mount that you can fully experience through our jeep safari tour. We also offer a zip line across the Piva Lake for all of you who are true wild nature lovers. Everyone who tried the zip line was completely amazed by the beauty of the Piva Lake. What a picturesque neighbourhood, don’t you agree?

Rafting Paradise

Our Trump Card

Rafting Center Rajska Rijeka, as an oasis for true nature lovers, offers various rafting arrangements on the most attractive parts of the Tara River (23 km long and 90 km long). Our considerable experience in organizing rafting tours has led us to the top of the list of rafting camps in this area. Our skippers are of a recognizable spirit, and since visitors are always returning to our camp, the adventures and anecdotes from the boats are recounted every year. We are equipped with state-of-the-art rafting equipment, so when you arrive you should bring only a good mood and possibly a camera phone to capture some of the moments.

Rafting kamp Rajska Rijeka

Rafting Camp Rajska Rijeka

If you are looking for unforgettable moments and unique days in nature for you and your companions, filled with excitement and good energy, you are on the right place to experience it. It is very likely that you will become our regular guest, because Rajska Rijeka is much more than a rafting camp.

  • Authentic combination of rustic and modern setting
  • Affordable and attractive offer of arrangements
  • Friendly hosts and a reliable team of professionals
  • Genuinely warm and welcoming atmosphere

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