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Rafting Camp Rajska Rijeka
Great Escape to Nature

Your Piece of Heaven

All our guests, after spending only a few hours with us, say that the name of the camp is completely appropriate. Namely, „Rajska Rijeka“ translates to Paradise River.  Aside from the fact that the nature around the camp is unbelievably beautiful, the view on the emerald-green Drina is breathtaking. Especially when it’s the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning, with the fog above the river still rising and the blend of shades of water and greenery. We are what you need when you are overloaded with work, tired of city hustle and bustle, exhausted from traffic jams, bored with computers, phones and other screens. We are your therapy when you want to escape into the nature for complete regeneration of the body, recovery of all senses. It is a well-known belief in almost every culture that rivers have therapeutic traits and that just looking at their flow can make you feel releived and relaxed, because it takes the negative energy away.

Direct and Intimate Contact

Natural Touch

Nature has given us a lot and we want to share it with you. All of our staff such as skippers, cooks, servers, maids, including hosts, grew up in this area. They know every inch of this place and will make you feel like you are from this area too. Here, everything is natural and authentic. The whole complex is built of wood from Vučevo Mount. Water is piped directly from the Drina, while the food for the restaurant is sourced from nearby plantations of local growers, giving you a 100% organic experience overall. We give you the opportunity to experience rafting, enjoy a jeep safari or canyoning and really get in direct touch with nature. Every area is breathtaking and we’re sure you’ve never seen so wild and relentless, yet so warm and close surrounding.

Authentically Rustic Resort

The camp complex is made by hand of wood from Vučevo Mountain that towers above the camp, on the basis of the old Austro-Hungarian barracks.

Ideal rafting location

Our camp Rajska Rijeka is situated at an ideal location for rafting – the last 15 km of the Tara river, which is also its most attractive part.

Where the Drina originates

The camp is located on the shore of the Drina, not far from its origin. A few meters above the camp, the Tara and the Piva merge, making the Drina.

Close Enough to Civilization

The closest airports are in Sarajevo, Mostar (Bosnia) and Podgorica (Montenegro). The camp is 2 km from Šćepan Polje, the border crossing with Montenegro.

Truly Unique Location

Rajska Rijeka Camp is surrounded by mountains: Vučevo, Vukuša, Zelengora, Durmitor, and three river canyons: Tara, Piva and Drina.

Rafting Professionals

Our skippers are top professionals who have received all the necessary training and are certified by the International Rafting Federation – IRF.

The Natural Paradise of the Balkans

A combination of adventure and rest

Rajska Rijeka is surrounded by incredible natural beauty, far from civilization and urban bustle, yet modern enough and suited for everyone to enjoy. The camp has sufficient capacity to accommodate group visits. It is equipped with the latest standards for this type of accommodation and with various activities and facilities that give you the opportunity to spend an unforgettable vacation. Rafting is the most popular activity in this area because of the natural predispositions of this region. The Tara River is one of the world’s most attractive rafting rivers. It has a rating of 4a / 5 on the rafting scale, which indicates the world’s top rafting classes. It is highly rated due to the depth of its canyon, very fast flow, frequent and long rapids and very striking waterfalls.

100 Kilometers of Rafting

A Genuine Rafting Camp

Rajska Rijeka is an ideal location for rafting – the last 15 km of the Tara River, which is also its most attractive part. At the end of the rafting tour, where the Drina River originates there is a unique sight that you would not have the opportunity to see if it were not for rafting – the confluence of the Piva and the Tara. For those who love adventure and high levels of adrenaline, Tara rafting is the right thing to do. However, the ideal balance is when you have escape from the wild river and its rapids and the opportunity to relax altogether. Rajska Rijeka Camp gives you opportunities for resting walks in the nearby woods, relaxing on the beach just below the campsite, playing with the Rafa, a German shepard who is one of the hosts, or enjoying the specialties of excellent local cuisine. We also recommend relaxing with home-made brandy and a fire from the fireplace in the central part of the camp restaurant.

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Where the Drina originates

Rajska Rijeka Rafting Camp is located in a beautiful area on the banks of the Drina River. The campsite contains a variety of facilities that can fully satisfy everyone’s taste and different needs, and offers accommodation with mountain views and a private beach area. The Drina River is only a few meters away from the campsite, and the very place where the Drina originates is very close. Jahorina Mountain is 84 km, while Žabljak is 76 km away from the campsite. Numerous tourist attractions are located in the immediate vicinity of the camp, such as the sand pyramids in Foča (about 20 km away) a unique phenomenon in the world, the old town of Višegrad with its grand bridge, and beautiful Adriatic Sea. There is no way to leave out Piva Lake and other localities in Montenegro, which are only a few dozen kilometers away from the camp. The closest airports are in Sarajevo, Mostar and Podgorica, so the camp is very well-connected.

Rafting Camp Rajska Rijeka

If you are looking for unforgettable moments and unique days in nature for you and your companions, filled with excitement and good energy, you are on the right place to experience it. It is very likely that you will become our regular guest, because Rajska Rijeka is much more than a rafting camp.

  • Authentic combination of rustic and modern setting
  • Affordable and attractive offer of arrangements
  • Friendly hosts and a reliable team of professionals
  • Genuinely warm and welcoming atmosphere

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