Tara River Rafting

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An Adventure for Everyone

Don’t you know what River Rafting is?

  1. River Rafting is an adventurous amusement that brings to an unforgettable experience of nature, combined with adrenaline and excitement, positive energy and friendship.
  2. Rafting is a extreme sport activity of going down a wild river on a raft.
  3. Rafting is a type of sport activity most often performed on a river, with a certain group of people, which can number between 4 and 10 members, go down the river rapids by rubber boat for recreation, fun or socializing.
  4. River Rafting is a challenging adventure that combines rest, tranquility and enjoyment of the intact nature and adrenaline vibes that move the whole body.
Challenge and Excitement

Get in close contact with nature

Rafting is all of the above and much more that your own personal experience will bring to this adventure. For inexperienced swimmers, rafting is a huge challenge and a personal triumph. For photography lovers, rafting is an opportunity to capture unforgettable shots of natural beauty from completely atypical perspectives. For people who spend a lot of time in the office, rafting is a sobering primal contact with nature and a kind of regeneration of all senses. For children it is a super cool game adventure that they experience in reality with incredible excitement and joy.

International Rafting Federation

Did you know that there is an international organization that has prescribed safety rafting standards?

World-famous rafting spot

Did you know that the Tara is at the top of the world’s wild rivers list, along with the Colorado and the Zambezi river?

Neoprene clothes for rafting

Did you know that neoprene as a material has ideal chemical stability and flexibility over a wide temperature range?

Drinking water reservoir

Did you know that the river Tara is so clean throughout its entire length of 146 km and that you can drink it freely during rafting?

Modern type of raft

Did you know that rafting boats are made of multilayered rubber and have much shallower draft than a traditional wooden raft?

The most famous wild river

Did you know that the Tara River is world-famous for its rapids, cascades, and waterfalls that are up to 20m high?

The Most Exciting Nature of the Balkans

Why’s the Tara the most perfect river for rafting?

The Tara is 146 kilometers long and according to the International River Category scale, it is rated 4A/5 for rafting, which places it at the very top of the world’s most attractive rafting rivers, along with the Zambezi in Africa and the Colorado in the States. What makes the Tara so suitable for rafting is the fact that it has an average gradient of 4.5 m per kilometer on its course with wild rapids and cascades. Moreover, its light blue water is crystally clear and it is especially impressive that you can actually drink it while rafting, because it is safe to drink throught its course.

150 Kilometers of Adrenaline

How long does the Tara rafting tour last?

The duration of the Tara rafting tour mainly depends on the weather conditions, i.e. on the water level. If the previous winter was with a lot of snow, the river rafting adventure will certainly be more exciting, because the water level is much higher. You can count that in May the water level is the highest, and then the rafting lasts approximately 60 minutes. In August or September, when the water level is much lower, the rafting can take up to 4 hours. Those real adrenaline addicts will surely choose to go rafting in May, when its water level is the highest and when the rapids are wavy.

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Stable rafting boats and professional equipment

Is the Tara River Rafting Safe?

Rafting boats are made of extremely resistant multilayered rubber and have multiple separate air chambers. The length of the boat can vary from 3 to 6 meters. What distinguishes a modern rafting boat from the old type is that it is incomparably lighter and has shallow draft, which makes it much more mobile and easier to operate. In addition to the dinghy, rafting equipment includes a neoprene suit, neoprene boots, a helmet, a paddle as well as a lifejacket. Neoprene clothing is necessary for safety, but also for the pleasant and comfortable experience. The water temperature ranges from about 7 to 15 degrees in the summer, so the soft neoprene effectively protects you from the cold keeping your body temperature, so that you can feel comfortable and safe during the adventure.

In the Safe Hands of Experienced Skippers

Who operates the boats?

Each boat has its guide, a popular “skipper” who is steering and guiding the raft through the river rapids. Their role is multiple and in addition to being top rowers, they are also excellent connoisseurs of wild waters. Most of them grew up with Tara and Drina and are well versed in every area, rapier, bay or waterfall, so they are unique guides through the adventure and thanks to them nothing will miss you which is worth seeing or photographing. They are top professionals who have received all the necessary training and are certified by the International Rafting Federation – IRF. The connoisseurs are in their business and will make your descent as safe and fun as possible. With them, in a very interesting and unusual way, you will experience unforgettable moments during the rafting and quite opposite feelings that in one minute can go from hysterical euphoria to absolute calm.

Rafting Camp Rajska Rijeka

If you are looking for unforgettable moments and unique days in nature for you and your companions, filled with excitement and good energy, you are on the right place to experience it. It is very likely that you will become our regular guest, because Rajska Rijeka is much more than a rafting camp.

  • Authentic combination of rustic and modern setting
  • Affordable and attractive offer of arrangements
  • Friendly hosts and a reliable team of professionals
  • Genuinely warm and welcoming atmosphere
Making new friendships

What can you expect from rafting on the Tara?

Rafting on the Tara is not only going down a river with a thrill, it is also a way of socializing and making friends. You can meet and interact with people from other boats and other camps. The time will be filled with a lot of jokes, laughs and good mood. This is one of the main reasons why Rafting Camp Rajska Rijeka has become one of the most popular destinations for team buildings or organized excursions. Each year, we host a growing number of companies and organizations coming from the region and from all over Europe that by team socializing want to improve the common goals of a company.

Unforgettable life moments

Are you ready for our rafting adventure?

If you are looking for unforgettable life moments and eventful days in nature filled with excitement and good energy, our rafting adventure on the Tara is something perfect for you. The Tara river has over 20 extremely attractive rapids, especially in the last 18 kilometers of the river, and along the way you can visit several grand waterfalls that are over 20 meters high. If you decide to contact our rafting center, you can see and experience all of this, and therefore you will most likely become our regular guest. The beauty and tranquility of the incredible nature resort, coupled with the quality of services we provide, will make you come back again and again with these unique experiences of nature.

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