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Discover the breathtaking beauty of Durmitor and Mount Tara
Quite an Adventure

What is Jeep Safari?

Jeep Safari is a very special adventure and a whole new way to experience the nature. It can be combined with other activities such as rafting, hiking, photography, etc. And it is a very popular way to enjoy the natural surroundings and the impressive mountain landscapes. In Jeep Safari you can conquer the mountains even when you are not a professional hiker or backpacker. This region is thick with world-famous mountain destinations, peaks and canyons. Jeep Safari is a pleasant, practical and very interesting type of adventure, especially for photography lovers. It is practical, because it doesn’t involve a lot of physical effort to enjoy and win the mountain tops.

The Natural Paradise

Photo Safari

The Jeep Safari is designed to cruise around in a jeep with stops in amazing places to take pictures and enjoy magnificent nature. One of the initial locations of Jeep Safari tours may be Tjentište, the river Sutjeska basin, which is widely known as the site of great geographical and historical importance. Namely, it was here that the largest battle in the Second World War took place in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, better known as the Battle of Sutjeska. You will have a unique opportunity to visit the memorial complex „Dolina Heroja“ and the ossuary with the names of more than 7000 fallen fighters.

The largest rainforest in Europe

Did you know that Perućica, a part of Sutjeska National Park, is known as the largest and one of the few rainforests in Europe?

Natural border crossings

Did you know that during a Jeep Safari tour, you move from one country to another? The campsite is a border crossing point between Bosnia and Montenegro.

Significant historical site

Did you know that one of the Jeep Safari locations is the place of the famous World War II battles that took place in in 1943?

The famous Piva Dam

Did you know that the Mratinja hydroelectric power plant, with its imposing 220-meter high Piva Dam, is one of the largest in Europe?

Surrounded by mountain ranges

Did you know that at one point of safari you will be surrounded by at least 5 mountains: Maglić, Volujak,  Vučevo, Tara and Durmitor?

The famous Tara Canyon

Did you know that during a Jeep Safari you will see a world-famous point where the depth of the Tara Canyon reaches 1,100 meters?

The Most Popular Spots of the Balkan

Amazing Natural Beauty

The next stop is „Dragoš sedlo“, more specifically the Perućica rainforest, which is known as the pearl of the Sutjeska National Park. The jeep takes you to the Beškita viewpoint, which offers an incredible view of the heart of the rainforest and the impressive waterfall Skakavac, which is over 70m high. Imagine that scene and what kind of photos might come from that perspective. The Jeep Safari is ideal for locations like this, as it gives you plenty of time to enjoy the unspoiled nature and unique rainforest environment. You shouldn’t miss capturing those moments!

Breathtaking Viewpoints

Impressive Mountain Ranges

One thing is for sure – the view from Prijevor Mount will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition to the imposing and dominant Maglić Mount, which rises as a rocky boulder more than 700m, on your left is Volujak, the second highest mountain in BiH. On the right there are Snježnica and Vučevo, and opposite Maglić there are numerous picturesque peaks. Zelengore. Can you imagine so many mountains in one place?

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Surrounded by Three Canyons

Natural Border Between Two Countries

After the ride, some of which are off-road, there are several short-term hiking sessions, perfect for enjoying the fresh air and impressive landscapes. Another imposing site is „Ravna stijena“ – ideal for creating unforgettable photos and capturing unbelievable takes. From that point that is 1100 meters high, you can see from the bird’s perspective three rivers and their canyons – the Drina, the Tara and the Piva. You can see the natural border between two countries – Šćepan Polje. That is one of the border crossings with Montenegro, surrounded by mountains Ljibišnja, Durmitor, Bioč and Maglić. Also, from this viewpoint our camp is also visible.

A Man and the Nature

Impressive Dam on the Piva River

We also organize Jeep Safari rides through the picturesque canyon of the Piva River to the location of Mratinja hydroelectric power plant, which is an attraction with its impressive 220 meters in height. There you can see the Piva Dam and Piva Lake, one of the largest in Europe. Yes, almost all of the locations here are unique in Europe. Here you can experince zip line across Piva Lake for true nature lovers and adrenaline junkies. The safari further leads us to the Piva Mountain and our main attractions in this safari route – mountains Durmitor and Žabljak. There are several stops at attractive places for photography or simply enjoying the raw and unspoiled beauty of the mountainous area.

Rafting Camp Rajska Rijeka

Camp Rajska Rijeka offers to its visitors an exciting Jeep Safari that includes photo safari and a tour of all the major localities in the area. The tour duration is about two and a half hours in one direction, and the number of guests is very flexible.


  • Safe drive by all-terrain jeeps
  • Combination of Jeep Safari with other adventures
  • Local guides for a comprehensive experience
  • Genuinely warm and welcoming atmosphere
Feel the Local Spirit

Experience the location through the locals

„Sedlo“ is one of the highest road passes in Europe (1907m) that leads us to Žabljak Mount. Here you can experience the true local lifestyle and of course enjoy traditional Montenegrian cuisine. We should not forget to mention „Ćurevac“, an extremely attractive viewpoint on the Tara Mount, where the canyon reaches the depth of 1100 meters. There is the canyon of the Sušica river, which is the left tributary of the Tara river. In that part of the canyon, the water stays until mid-July, making the Lake Susica so beautiful and attractive.

In search of unforgettable moments

Are you Ready for a Jeep Safari Adventure?

Rajska Rijeka Camp offers two safari routes to its visitors – an exciting Jeep Safari that includes a tour of the whole Durmitor Ring and „photo safari“ with Tjentište, Perućica, Prijevor, and Vučevo. The tour duration depends on the route, but you can count that is about two and a half hours in one direction. The number of guests is very flexible. We organise more jeeps for bigger groups and generally there is no need for some special eqipment. Just be prepared for unforgettable moments! These areas will definitely remain in your memory. You will be surrounded by clean air and greenery and you would probably want to stay longer in certain destinations.

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