Unforgettable weekend adventure – Rafting on Tara river

For a complete atmosphere and relaxation in every sense, you need an unforgettable weekend adventure and rafting on the Tara river that will awaken all your senses. If you are looking for a dose of adrenaline and relaxation in the enchanting areas of Tara, this is an adventure that will surely awaken the best in you.

rafting tara


Rafting on Tara is an opportunity to merge with nature in every sense. You will not only experience an ordinary adventure, you will experience much more than that.

In addition to its emerald blue-green color and unrealistically beautiful landscapes, Tara is one of the largest rivers that represents the largest natural reserve of drinking water in Europe. The natural bottom of this river is made of stone, without any plants, which is why it does not require any additional cleaning, and it tastes amazing.

The canyon of the Tara river is the best that nature has to offer in this part of Europe, and thanks to rafting, you will get to know it in the right way. Its length is one hundred kilometers, and its depth is 1.3 kilometers, which makes it the second in the world after the Colorado River. This part of the river is a real attraction from spring to late autumn, as that is the best period for rafting. Tara Canyon, also known as the Tears of Europe, really tells beautiful story centuries old, but you will understand this story better if you experience an activity like rafting.

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 For your adventure to be complete, it is important to find a rafting center on Tara that will make your story perfect. For an exciting weekend and special vibes, we invite you to our camp Rajska Rijeka (Paradise River). Thanks to the attractive location, on the banks of the Drina river, we represent a true oasis of peace and beauty.

Be sure that after one visit to our camp, enjoying our magic, you will love this type of entertainment and that you will become our regular guests. You will enjoy our homely atmosphere, friendly ambiance, and quality entertainment always. Our accommodation is made with love, to evoke the true beauties of nature, and to completely merge with the environment that surrounds us. During the evening, socializing, laughter, and good music await you together with all the visitors in our camp.

Most importantly, we will provide you with the highest quality rafting equipment to make your adventure complete and safe.

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 We all know well what beauties Tara offers, especially when it comes to the beginning of the year until late autumn. Rafting is the most beautiful at this time of year, and if you are experienced in this extreme sport, spring is the ideal period for you.

If you are new to this activity, you will enjoy Tara rafting from July until autumn. You will pass by beautiful waterfalls, exciting rapids, and enjoy the clear water that will give you fantastic views underwater, but also a real refreshment since the whole river is drinking water.


 Sometimes it is better to replace a trip abroad by getting to know our most beautiful landscapes that nature gives, especially when it comes to Tara. Your unforgettable weekend adventure will be complete if you opt for an exciting Tara rafting that will give you a real adrenaline rush.

Camp Rajska Rijeka guarantees you an unforgettable weekend and moments that will forever remain etched in your memory.