What is the best time of the year to go rafting?


This exciting adventure is reserved for true nature lovers. Due to lower water levels in September, it’s suitable both for children and the elderly, giving everybody the chance to be a part of this fantastic story. You will get the best equipment and services of professional, certified skippers, ensuring your safety during your visit. Fun fact – our camp is located on the last 18 kilometers of the river Tara, which is also the most exciting part of the rafting !We have to mention the beauty September brings with it- seasonal changes and magical colors of the nature.

Experience the magic of  nature – unique blend of rafting and mountains at the perfect time!

Days are still hot and perfectly suitable for rafting, while the nights are fresh and perfect for a good night’s rest. Beside organized rafting tours, Rajska Rijeka camp also offers organized gatherings around the fire, accompanied by live music, so events here don’t come to an end with sunset!


In addition to the popular rafting, Rajska Rijeka camp also specializes for:

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Seize the opportunity to use the last vacation days, run away from  the hustle and  bustle of  the city and experience nature in  a different way!

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