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The most beautiful nature of southeastern Europe
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Jahorina Mountain is 84 km away, while Žabljak is only 76 km from the campsite. Numerous tourist attractions are located in the immediate vicinity of the camp, such as the sand pyramids in Foča, which represent a unique phenomenon in the world. The old town of Višegrad with its grand bridge is very close. Rajska Rijeka Rafting Camp is located in a beautiful area on the banks of the Drina River. The campsite contains a variety of facilities that can fully satisfy everyone’s taste and different needs. It offers accommodation with mountain views and a private beach area. The Drina River is only a few meters from the campsite, and the very place where the Drina River originates is very close. The closest airports are in Sarajevo, Mostar (Bosnia) and Podgorica (Montenegro), so the camp is extremely well connected with the main means od transport. It is only 23 kilometers from Foča and only 2 kilometers from Sćepan Polje, which is the border crossing between Bosnia and Montenegro.

The Tara River

The Tear of Europe

The Tara is the most beautiful mountain river in this region and world-wide. It is known in the world as the “Tear of Europe”. The Tara is formed by two smaller rivers, the Opasnica and the Veruša, under the slopes of the Komovi mountain in Montenegro. The Tara watercourse is 146 kilometers long and in one part of its course makes the deepest river canyon in Europe (second in the world). This extremely impressive canyon reaches 1333 meters at its deepest point! From this point to Šćepan Polje, at an altitude of 433 meters, with the Piva River, the Tara makes the Drina, one of the largest and richest rivers in Southeast Europe.

The Most Exciting Nature of the Balkans

Unique Location in the World

Unlike the Colorado River Canyon, officially the largest canyon in the world, located in the cruel wilderness, the Tara Canyon is incredibly beautiful, picturesque and available to enjoy. Numerous tributaries it has from the mountains: Komovi, Sinjajevina, Durmitor and Ljubišnja, make small and large waterfalls and lush vegetation making this canyon unforgettable for anyone who visits it. The most attractive part of the canyon stretches for about 90 km, from Šljivansko to Šćepan Polje. That part is full of rapids (over 50), wild rivers and various forests with trees over several hundred years old (up to 50 meters tall)! Here you can get in touch with the untouched nature. See rare bird species of vibrant colors and feel the intensity of waterfalls on your shoulders while standing under it!

Hydrological Phenomenon

The Largest Drinking Water Reservoir

A special beauty of the Tara Canyon is unique tirquoise color of the water and can only be seen from the above, from numerous high points from the mountains above. Because of all its beauty, crystally clear water and endlessly colorful plant and animal species, the Tara River is at the UNESCO list of protected areas. In order to be at this list, it was sufficient to fulfill only one of the conditions. However, the Tara fulfilled three UNESCO requirements, namely of geological, hydrological and biological phenomena.

Rafting Attraction

A Pure Natural Feeling

The Tara River, rated 4A on the rafting scale, is one of the world’s most attractive rafting rivers, and at the same time it is true oasis for fans of all kinds of adventures. In this sense, it gives its visitors the opportunity to take an active vacation, because every detail of this adventure can be enjoyed; from breathtaking natural phenomena, beautiful river rapids and waterfalls, rustic watermills, beautiful bridges and old churches and monasteries. Rafting Center Rajska Rijeka, as a perfect place for true nature lovers, offers various rafting arrangements on the most attractive part of the Tara River, 23 km long and 90 km long.

Rafting Camp Rajska Rijeka

If you are looking for unforgettable moments and unique days in nature for you and your companions, filled with excitement and good energy, you are on the right place to experience it. It is very likely that you will become our regular guest, because Rajska Rijeka is much more than a rafting camp.

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