White water rafting | Two days at Tara - Camp Rajska rijeka

Welcome to our camp „Rajska rijeka“, relax a bit, dinner will be ready soon. After the dinner you can chill near the campfire and enjoy the live music. When It comes to accommodation you can choose between bungalows or rooms with separate bathrooms. The next day, after the breakfast, we will prepare you for the Tara rafting trip, you will get all the necessary informations, obtain the equipment and so on.

After we are done with preparations, all the guests will be transported with our vehicles to Brštanovica starting point for this white water rafting adventure on the Tara river. Before we start, our skippers will explain you how to behave while on this tour and what to do if any troubles occur. This Tara rafting
tour will be 3-5 hours long because we will make short breaks so you can rest, swim or take pictures. When the rafting tour is completed, you will be transported back to our camp and the lunch will be waiting for you. What is on the menu? Veal soup, lamb and veal specialties, brown trout specialties, our homemade bread and more... Your arrangement ends after the lunch.

Two days of Tara rafting - 65.00€ per person

White water Tara rafting | Camp Rajska rijeka

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