Tjentiste - Perucica - Prijevor - Vucevo tour | Camp Rajska rijeka

Guests are expected somewhere around 9am in the camp Rajska rijeka (Hum). After the breakfast we will head towards National park Sutjeska. First stop will be Tjentište / „Valley of Heroes“. This is the place where the largest battle of WWII happend in the entire ex Yugoslavia, also known as „Sutjeska battle“.
We will visit the Tjentište memorial and the museum, and after that we will move to Dragoš sedlo. Viewpoint Beškita is interesting – you can see the entire primeval forest Perucica and in Its heart a 75 meter high waterfall Skakavac.

Prijevor is our next stop (1668 meters), plateau under Maglic mountain. The view from Prijevor is absolutely stunning. From Maglic (2386m) you can see Volujak 2nd highest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Siježnica and Vučevo are on our right side and in front of us – many peaks of Zelengora. Something to remember. Break will be made so you can eat your lunch pack. We move to Vučevo and a place called Ravna stijena.When we are done, we go back to Šćepa polje and back to our camp. Dinner will be waiting for us. Delicious traditional cuisine that you will love.

TJentiste, Perucica, Prijevor, Vucevo

Photo Safari | Camp Rajska rijeka

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