Jeep Safari | Ring around Durmitor - Camp Rajska rijeka

Guests are expected somewhere around 9am in the camp Rajska rijeka (Hum). After the breakfast we will head towards National park Durmitor.
Piva dam is one of the highest in Europe, she is more than 210 meters high. From there we move to viewpoint above the Piva lake, you can take photos from there. Lake Piva is 42 kilometers long.

On our way to Durmitor and Žabljak we will move through the villages of Trsa and get familiar with these households, we will then continue from Trsa to Durmitor via Piva mountain. Before reaching Žabljak we will cross Sedlo, one of the highest travel passes in Europe (1907 meters). Lunch will be ready at Žabljak, traditional cuisine from Montenegro is very delicious.

When we are done with lunch, we move to Ćurevac, it is a viewpoint in the Tara canyon. Depth of the canyon beneath the viewpoint is somewhere around 1100 meters. Next stop – village called Mala Crna Gora, after that we will go to Sušica canyon – Sušica is Tara river's tributary. The river Sušica forms a really nice lake called Sušićko jezero but it doesn't last long – somewhere until mid July.

Village Nedajno is the next location that we will visit. Amazing view from the viewpoint here, you will be able to see Sušica canyon, Tara canyon, mountain Ljubišnja and Radovina. We move towards Crkvičko polje via Rupe (part of Piva mountain) and we will make a short break at Crkvičko polje – you can take photos of Tara, Sušica and Drina canyons. From there we move to Šćepan polje and back to our camp. Dinner will be waiting for us at the rafting camp „Rajska rijeka“. It has been a long day.

Jeep Safari

Ring around Durmitor | Camp Rajska rijeka

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