Tara river rafting | One-day tour - Camp Rajska rijeka

Uppon your arrival at the camp the breakfast will be served. This should take place somewhere between 9 and 11am. After the breakfast you should for white water rafting adventure on Tara river. Our skippers will give you all the necessary equipment and instructions. Transportation will be waiting, we are all heading to Brštanovica, that is Tara river rafting start point. The adventure begins somewhere arround 11:30am.

Before boarding the boats our skippers will give you all the necessary informations required. Boat capacity is 8-10 members, so It's a pretty big responsability for a skipper, make sure to listen to them. The most interesting rafting part is from Brštanovica to Šćepan – polje (official border crossing) and you will enjoy during this white water rafting trip as it is surely something you'll remember. This is so interesting that we gave names to most interesting „waves“ that will shake our boats hard, their names are Ćelije i Vjernovići, Borovi, Varda and many others. Duration of the Tara river rafting tour is aproximately 3 hours. Keep in mind that we will stop from time to time so that you can rest and swim. After the rafting adventure we will transport you back to the camp (aproximately 16:00 / 4pm is the time of arrival) Lunch will include all the specialties of our traditional cuisine, delicious soups, lamb and kid specialites and more. After lunch, we will transport you back, your arrangement with us is completed. Hope to see you again soon.

One-day tour - 45.00€ per person

Tara river rafting | Camp Rajska rijeka

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