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Canyon Nevidio is part of Mala Komarnica, river, which rises at the pedestal of the southern part of Durmitor, precisely in Dobri Do. Delving deep passes between Boljske grede (2091 m.e.) and Lojanik (2091 m.e.) to reappear in a quiet river valley as a permanent river. Surrounding the entrance is one of the most beautiful in the Durmitor area. The beauty of this area makes the village Poscenje with two glacial lakes, periodic waterfall Skakavica that the seventy-meter high walls wastes water river Grabovica which flows into the Komarnica.
Nevidio was the last canyon to be conquered in Europe. Group called „Javorak“ did it in 1965.
Extraordinary beauty awaits as you slowly enter Nevidio. Sunlight can't reach these parts, shadows are everywhere and It's cold, water temperature is 8 degrees celsius, but do not worry, our high quality equipment will keep you warm. Keep in mind that this adventure is not that easy and we expect that you are prepared a bit.

Nevidio canyoning adventure

Canyoning is travelling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling (rappelling), and swimming. You can check out the gallery and see how It looks like. Nevidio is 3km long, some areas are only one meter wide, and height is 400m.

Nevidio canyoning tour info

We head to Nevidio after the breakfast (between 8 and 9 am) and we move towards Šavnik with our vehicles. Before we set foot in Nevidio there will be a short coffee break. Our guides will provide you with all the necessary informations and after that the adventure begins. First 400 meters are not hard at all and for the next 2-3 hours we will be swimming, climbing, jumping, diving...
We make short break somewhere in the middle of the canyon and eat a bit of figs, raisins and walnuts, just to calm down the adrenaline.
After the break, two more hours of canyoning till the end. At the exit, our vehicles will be waiting and all the participants are transported back to our camp. Enjoy in our sauna until the lunch is ready.

*Everything is included in the price (Three meals and overnight stay, transportation, skippers fee, all the taxes and insurance

Nevidio canyon - 130.00€ per person

Nevidio canyoning tour | Camp Rajska rijeka

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