Hunting and Fishing | Camp Rajska rijeka

Hunting activities – organized by camp „Rajska rijeka“

Large forest areas, large mountain pastures, several deep canyons, plenty of water and altitudes above 2000 meters are home to all kinds of both big and small wild animal species. Bears, wild boars, wolves, chamois, deers, foxes, rabbits…

Hunting club “Bakić” is in charge of all the hunting grounds in Foča – except National park Sutjeska, staff of NP is in charge there. 

Fishing | Contact us if you are interested in fishing activities in our area

The largest river in the region is the river Drina, which is formed by connecting the Tara and Piva at Scepan Polje.
Some of these lakes are rich with rainbow trout: Donje bare, Crno, Orlovačko, Borilovačko and Kotlaničko lake. They do not freeze during the winter.
To get more information about the fishing activities contact us today.

Fishing club “Mladica” is in charge of all the areas where the fishing is allowed except in National park Sutjeska. The staff of NP is in charge there.

Fishing and hunting

Fishing and hunting activities | Camp Rajska rijeka

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