Tara river rafting | Four day arrangement - Camp Rajska rijeka

Four days of Tara rafting (a.k.a From UP TOP) - Complete Tara river rafting trip

After the arrival to camp „Rajska rijeka“ (also known as Hum) we will prepare a dinner for all of our guests, and you can enjoy live music near the campfire after the dinner. Accommodation in bungalows or rooms with separate bathrooms.

Day two: After the early breakfast we will transport you to the rafting starting point. Journey begins at 7am. We will travel throughout national park Durmitor and nature park „Piva“. There is a lot to see so you might want to prepare your cameras for this one, we will make short breaks so you can enjoy the view and take photos so this one can also be called a jeep safari throughout Durmitor and Piva.
Rafting start point is called Splavište. Before the rafting you can rest, eat your lunch pack and our IRF certified skippers will explain you how to behave on the boat and what to do if any troubles occur during the Tara rafting tour. This white water rafting adventure on Tara river is 90 kilometers long.
You will be able to see Ljutica, Tara river tributary, she is only 130m long but she is very strong. This makes her one of the strongest and also shortest rivers in Europe. The next big thing that we will encounter is Đurđevića Tara bridge. It is 172 meters high. It was completed back in 1940. and in that time it held many world records. We will make short breaks near the known wells and waterfalls and we'll also make a lunch break at one of the waterfalls. Day ends at the place called Radovan luka. We will sleep there and continue our white water rafting adventure tomorrow.

Day three: Breakfast is served somewhere between 9 and 10am and we will continue our Tara river rafting adventure after that. We make our next stop at Bajlovića sigama, beautiful little place that has a cave and a small river that forms a waterfall. Lunch break will be at Hodžina greda, and after that we will head to the most interesting White water rafting part Brštanovica - Šćepan polje.
We will arrive to camp „Rajska rijeka“ in the afternoon. In the evening, after the dinner you can rest near the campfire and listen to live music.
Day four: After the breakfast your arrangement with us is completed. Hope we'll see you again.

Four day tour | Complete Tara rafting trip - 200.00€ per person

Tara river rafting | Camp Rajska rijeka

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